Only One More To Go….

I only got one week left if I am going to be completely  honest this is not something I would do in my life. But it can be fun if you have the right people around you to make it fun. This whole week I laughed with Zoe, Grace, Tyanna, and Taea and they made work more fun than normal.

It Got Better….

Welp today our small business owner that we was working on told us to stop making a website for them. So we made our on website (Fatime and I). Our new website is about the elephant awareness and how we could protect them and help them not become endangered. Its’s gonna be easier and more fun now for me because I love elephants.

Just Another Day…. I Guess

Making a website from the beginning¬† is hard especially when you have to figure stuff out yourself. I’m getting very stressed out especially because the people i’m making the website for is¬† making no sense on what they specifically want.

My Dream…

My dream is too work with elephant and build a elephant sanctuary in America. I want to become a veterinarian for elephants specifically because I just love elephant and I want to protect them and help them not become extinct.

Time At Empowered

At the beginning I thought working was going to be hard and boring but when I got there and learned coding it wasn’t as hard as I thought and I met so many great girls there and they made working more fun.